New Shampoo and Conditioner recs please.

Corvs Queen

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So yeah, I used Herbal Essences for like forever and a day and now it seems that it's weighing my hair down. I know that my hair is clean but I looks kind of flat and bland these days. I hate Garnier, Loreal and any thing that's thick, strong in smell or has a lot of ingredients. I like clean scents and something that I can use everyday. Oh, and recs for things that are available in Europe. Thanks so much!!!


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I used to use herbal essences too but I switched to Matrix Biolage. My hair is in such better condition and it feels/looks 20x better. I highly reccomend the fortifying conditioner it is amazing. Idk for sure if it's available in Europe, but it should be.


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If you can get bedhead, it's my saviour!

Might not be the best for you if you don't like scents, though.


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My hairstylist LOVES Matrix.

Btw, a hairstylist once told my friend (who was getting her hair done) that salon brands and drugstore brands aren't really that different. However she did say to stay away from Herbal Essences. She said it is the worst shampoo & conditioner out there...


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I love Aveda.. if you have access to it, I'd highly recommend it! Their Color Conserve and Damage Remedy lines are great, and the natural ingredients are definitely a plus.

Right now I'm using Pureology, but I'm not sure if you can get that in Europe or not.. really love this brand too.


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I love Frederic Fekkai. It's so bloody expensive so I buy it on ebay. So far I have used Technician shampoo, apple cider shampoo and shea conditioner. I love them all. The conditioner does wonders for my hair. Mind you it's very thick so perhaps the Technician conditioner instead would be better for you. I want to try everything he makes! I read loads of reviews on mua beforeI paid that much for hair products though.

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I've tried Schwarzkopf Shampoo and conditioner ... Leme tell you, they are simply WOW
I got mine from a Salon ... Itz jus so nourishing n you can actually feel n see the diff ryt after 1 wash
Try n tell us


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im also recomending the martix haircare line! i love teh sleek look range for my hair - leave sit soft and indeed very sleek once it's had ghd's on it! and the biolage stuff is also great by matirx. they do a good leave in fortifying conditioner

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