New to the cosmetics business!


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Hi all! I've been lurking for weeks and decided to sign up! I am a licensed hairdresser in NYS for over 10 years, and am entering the cosmetics sales field as a counter manager for Lancome. My husband has lost his job so we need reliable income and health insurance ASAP, so this sounded like a logical step to take. Also, it will hopefully plump up my beauty industry resume. I am excited/nervous and plan on posting a lot to get my feet wet in this industry! I am excited about working with makeup and skin care and Lancome sounds like a wonderful start. Looking forward to getting to know you all!



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Welcome to Specktra!!!


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Hi! How are you? How is your experience with Lancome? Are you still there or did you start your own business?
I have a similar dilemma, so it would be great if you shared your experience.


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Your journey into the cosmetics sales field sounds like an exciting step, especially with your extensive experience as a licensed hairdresser. Lancome is a well-respected brand, and I'm sure your background will add a lot to your role as a counter manager. Best of luck in this new venture! By the way, if you're ever looking to explore some interesting trends in the online business world, you might want to check out the article about Link-building companies to watch in 2023. It's always great to stay informed about industry developments. Looking forward to your posts and getting to know you better
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