New Vegas MSF


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Does anyone know which locations still have this in stock? I would call around but Im at work right now and dont want to be caught out chasing makeup when I should be working

If anyone can help me out with this I will really appreciate it. I might even bake you cookies


Edit - also, do we have the gone but not forgotten program here? I couldnt see any info on the site.


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The Gone But Not Forgotten program is available to all consumers within the contiguous United States.

That was taken from Estee Lauders website, it'd be great if it were available to us, but as usual, we miss out


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Ebay might be your best bet for this one, or possibly the Vogue forums or similar. The last time I saw this in the back-back-back cupboards was in Feb or so.

It comes up on sale/swap threads quite a bit; for some reason it's not that popular (even though I adore it!).


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If you find it, tell me :p I can tell you that none of the Melbourne counters and the Pro store have it, and also not one of the Brisbane counters, I forget which one I called.

Good luck! It sounds gorgeous - I'd love to try it!