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hi people! i'm new on spectra, just been lurking for a while. wondering if any of you have some advice on what product i can use to control my hair. it's fairly straight, but when it's hot and humid, my bangs (side-swept, grown out, about to my chin) turn into spiral curls. only my bangs. think- jan brady!! needless to say it's not incredibly attractive! short from pulling it completely back, i'm at my wits end! i want my bangs to stay straight, despite the moistness in the air. if you can help me, that would be awesome!



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Try using a flat iron and a spray on heat protectant. Most spray on heat protectants also work too hold shape, style, and fight off humidty. I personally liek Matrix Sleek.Look Iron Smoother. Some people like Redken Spray Starch but to me it's sticky and it smells like bubbles, as in bubbles you blow with.

Big Drug stores such as CVS and Brooks carry Matrix, Redken, and other high end salon products. However, these products are most of the time cheaper at a chain salon like Regis, Lord and Ladies, etc.

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