Nice Vice and Rollickin'


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OK, so my MAC counter still has Nice Vice and Rollickin' paint pots from the Fafi collection available. I swatched them in the store the other day and they are both so pretty, especially Nice Vice. But what to use it with?
Those of you who bought Nice Vice, what do you combine it with?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


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If Nice Vice is the purple p/p (I think it is but I can't remember haha!), then you can use it a lot of ways! If you want to use it underneath other shadows to make them more intense (which is how I use my p/p) you can put it underneath any purple, red, or even dark pink eye looks. Also, I saw it used in one of the Fafi facecharts with the Fafi Eyes 1 Quad, with Hey and Howzat. By itself, you can really pair it with anything-other p/p like Perky, Bare Study, or Rubenesque, or e/s like the ones in the Fafi quads


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I have both and love them both but if I had to pick it would be Nice Vice because it is pretty hard to find! It looks great with purples, pinks, browns, bronze, teals, and on it's own. The texture is super smooth and silky too.


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I use Nice Vice under my purples and my pinks. And I even wear it by itself. Its a beautiful color and like the poster above said, its really hard to find. I'm glad they last forever or else I'd kick myself for not getting a back up.


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get em both! very versatile w/ yellows, greens, blues-rollickin
pinks, purples, greys, browns, nice vice

and u could also experiment w/not so trad't combo, for funky color schemes

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