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i know this isn't the best picture but it gives an idea of what i want:

does anyone know what colors i can use to duplicate this look. i'm tired of bold bold e/s and want to try something natural but cute. my blushes always seem to pink for any of my looks.

if anyone could give e/s, blushes, and l/s or l/g combos, that would be sooo helpful! i want an excuse to use those bronzing sticks without looking too overdone.[/img]


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Originally Posted by beautifulxdisaster
I think that I see strange colours, but I see orange on her inner kind of on top the fold of the eye.

I see it too, and it is a corally orange colour.


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it's really hard to tell what shadow(s) she has on her eyes, but Blacktrack Fluidline would definitely achieve her liner look.

as for the blush, try Sincere or Gingerly? these look brownish/peachy on me, however i'm an NC30 so it might show up differently on you but it's worth taking a look at! otherwise, Margin and Sunbasque are slightly darker.

her lip colour looks nothing close to the colours that MAC carry... but then again i'm more of a lipgloss person so i suck when it comes to lipsticks

good luck!


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thanks so much!
i have a makeover for the belle azure line on saturday but i don't really lovelove any product from that line so would it be okay to print that picture out and show the MA's to try to get what i want and to see how it would look on me?


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Here's my thoughts:

Base: Stilife Paint

E/S: Rule on lid with Amber lights in crease. Paradisco layered over the whole thing.

Cheeks and Face: Pinker Peach Trust Fund with a touch of Golden Bronze Illuminator to giver her face a little extra sparkle.


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OMG I love this look.
I think your best bet would be the following
For eyes, bare canvas from lashline to crease, samoa silk on the lid, and rule (yes the bright orange) on the inner corner of the eye and outer corner of the eye. I almost want to tell you to try smolder eyeliner rather than the fluidliner- and the face- try to use bronzer all over and definately Margin. That will give that "pop". Her lips are very neutral-The only time I have ever achieved such a natural liplook with MAC is using Desire lipliner all over but hers looks more brown, so I think your best bet would be to use stripdown and freckletone or maybe the brownish lippot glosses

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