NN collection out on mac.com us! yay!!


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Yea I woke up this morning like at 7:30 AM PT time, and this is what I bought

Ensign L/G
Love Knot L/G X2
Buoy-O-Buoy L/S
Ahoy, There! L/S
Port Red L/S
Mutiny Piggie
Lovely Lily Piggie
Lark About Piggie
Bell-Bottom Blue Piggie
Illegal Cargo E/S
Submarine E/S

and next day delivery

lol, with the grand total of US$214.49

Dang I'm in trouble when my husband gets home!!!

Well worth it..


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Originally Posted by GlamYOURUs
lol The video looks like the beginning of a softcore porn LMAO

LOL, I know, I was like wth.. I want that video..It is sooooo cute..


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Naughty Nauticals are on the MAC website!!!

I don't know if this thread was already open, but I just saw it on MAC website, and its available for purchase!!
The video is sooo cute and funny... and sexy
Those are some sexy bodies!


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Ohh I didn't see this thread, I just opened another one... it didn't show up in the search because it says "NN" in the title.. lol

Yeah, video is cute and funny


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I thought the video was so cute! lol.

I got:
Ahoy There
Party Mate
Shore Leave
Illegal cargo
Meet the Fleet
Naughty Nauticals n/l
Shirelle n/l

I'm realllllly tormenting myself on the lippie situation though. I really love the swatches of Love Knot and Hey Sailor but... I think I need to stop buying pinks, mauves, and plums unless they are really special.

Also I really love red lipsticks but I'm very cool and I'm worried Port Red is warm? It doesn't look it but the "yellow" in the description is concerning me; I'm more of a blue red girl... I don't know, maybe I'll need another order, lol.


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I love the video! It's so cute. I'm surprised nothing is sold out yet!

I hope you guys will love the collection as much as I do!