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Ok so Monday evening is my final interview with MAC. One thing I never brought up in any interviews was the pay. I have heard from other MAC MA's that work at a local Macy's that there is no commission on sales, but the pay is really good. Somewhere from $14-17 is that true? Also do you earn yearly increases?? I worked at a Lancome counter and the pay was btw $8-10 an hour. I have also heard that the rate of pay depends on how well that particular MAC counter does?

Any feedback on this would be so appreciated, it seems to be a big secret regarding what MA's make at MAC.


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you do get a better hourly rate because they don't do commission. which i feel kinda stinks
when i worked at nordstrom, my hourly wasn't much lower than what i am getting at mac now, however because of that 3% commission my sell rate blows my hourly rate right outta the water! working for mac at nordstrom is nice because you get a decent hourly plus the commission, but there are also some down sides to being nordstrom mac and not just regular mac.
anyhoo, when they offer you a position or in your last interview they will talk about pay and how all the bonuses and stuff works. good luck!


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Originally Posted by lara
It's not a big secret, it's a fireable offence to disclose pay rates.

Originally Posted by MAC*GIRL08
Oh i didnt know that.

That is the case with pretty much any and all employers...


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Don't be afraid to ask them how they work with pay. One difference I know is MAC @ Nordstrom you get commission but is the hourly any different? idea. Everywhere else is non-commission. But we can't get into details. Ask about them once they are hiring you. If the pay doesn't work out, you still don't have to accept the position.


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What are the downsides to working at Nordstrom mac compared to mac store?
1 your a Nordstrom employee not a mac employee. your check comes from Nordstrom yes you do get a mac employee card to use your discount at mac store

2 you are required to sell a percentage of other lines not just mac.

3 you have to go though Nordstrom training plus go to mac basic training

4 the pay rate is different from other locations because of the commission

that is all i can think of off the top of my head

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