No hand/book label on the back of my pigment?


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The back of my matte pigment says 2.5G.. there is no little hand/book label just the recyle label. And it's all aligned to the left rather than centered.

Is this fake??

The bottom label is fine.. the MAC on the front is fine..

I'm so confused!


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well not all pigments come with little paperinfo sheets in them so don't be worried about that. but post some piccies so we can take a proper look for you


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Originally Posted by Casadalinnis
You would need to post pics of the pigment and put focus on the base where the sticker is. Mattes and PRO metals contain 2.5 grams while most are 7.5 grams. Nobody can know until the pics are available madamoiselle. =)

Yep, agree ,post some piccys >

My Vanilla piggie did not have the little leaflet thingy and ...of course it was bought at Mac counter

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