No Makeup But Still Fun!


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So it was early payday...w00t! And how better to celebrate than by shopping?

First thing before work was I hit Express. All their redlines are additional 20% off-so I picked up two dresses. One was a green silk one-shouldered dress with a floral print and pleated skirt. The other was a black sheath dress with a bright floral print. Total for both dresses plus tax? $46.

Then after getting my brows done, it's a quick jaunt to VS, where I pick up a Pink water bottle, a Pink teeshirt (a v-neck with rhinestones that says "Love & Pink"), and then 6 pairs of panties. Two of them I have to exchange since I got a size small. But only about $35 for all of that...

Finally at my store, I had a stash going for a few days but had no time to buy it. I decided to today, and well, for $25.11 I got the following:
5 bottles of Alluring Apple 3/1
4 bottles of Strawberry Lemonade lotion
2 bottles of Sheer Freesia lotion
Orange Freeze 3/1
Frozen Daquiri lotion
Melon Cooler lotion
Japanese Cherry Blossom shimmer lotion
Melon Sorbet room spray
Cosmo Berry body spray
a green picture frame keychain
And with my coupon, a new Liplicious Black Cherry gloss.


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I just have to say that I love the insanely good sales happening at Bath & Body Works? They are just frickin' insane! lol I'm glad you had some killer hauls!



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^Actually not my favourite but one lady bought ALL the Alluring Apple lotion, so yeah.