No more buying until I'm 40


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This is my October haul. I am broke broke broke to the max! Yeah and I don't know why but I ALWAYS want LE things after half a year it's been sold out haha Ok moving on...


120 palette (x2)
Boots Powder brush
Boots Blush brush
Sleeping Beauty DVD

Barbie Peal Blossom BP
Barbie Pearl Sunshine BP
Fafi Belightful IPP
Pink Manish l/g
Manish Arora palette
Heatherette Hollywood Nights l/s
Baby Sparks d/g
Otherwordly p/p
Prep&Prime SPF50

e/s WT-1
e/s BG-1
e/s PK-2
palette PK-2
Liquid Rouge RD-1
Stitck Gloss RD-1

Majolica Majorca:
blue Majewel eye palette
Snow Carat Powder

No more buying until Hello Kitty!


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ME TOO!!! (about wanting the le items....when they have been sold out for 2 years and are triple the price! :p) I love EVERYTHING especially the disney DVD! I'm with you on the no buying until Hello Kitty...


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OMG girl thatsa a big haul..I couldnt believe the palette..thats not even a palette....but can i ask, how can u get those LE items after it being so old besides getting them at ebay and stuff. If you dont mind can you also round off how much you spent on that haul....WOW


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Originally Posted by aleksis210
^I get most of my stuff off of makeup alley or even on here sometimes in the clearance bin!

Thanks so much. Ebay is very expensive and then you have to pay for shipping and handling. its gotta be really necessary for me. Like Manish which im bidding on a l/g


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Aww thanks guys!

3773519: The LE was from ebay, livejournal community sales, CCOs, and from calling all the MACs around me asking if they still had stuff leftover (surprisingly they sometimes still do).
I just rounded up the total to be about $330. Which is cheaper than it looks since I got the brushes and the SPF50 for free, and 2 of the 120 palettes for 25 bucks. TWO for 25! Cheaaap


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Great Haul!! I totally understand what you mean about the overspending...October has been a HORRIBLE month for me and my MAC addiction...STOP WITH THE COLLECTIONS!! lol...I automatically feel obliged to buying when a collection comes out so that I don't miss it before it sells out. If I knew that it would still be there in a month, I would wait and not buy it all at once.


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You guys are all so sweet! I'm enjoying every bit of my haul, thanks!

Originally Posted by xman25
so who makes the 120 pallette?????? i love it!!!

I searched up "120 palette" on eBay. The brand is Beauties Factory or something but on eBay, I don't think they put up the name. It's a great palette!

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