No more spending. Ever. EVER!!!


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Ugh, seriously, I went out and totally forgot I need a new bathing suit for vacay. I might have to knock that down a notch or two on the prioroty list.

I got myself:
A necklace from Brooks Brothers. (Good job boyfriend, if I hadn't been in there waiting for you to pick dress shirts I never would have seen it T_T)

A little Coach keychain pictureholder thing

A big green satin Coach clutch

Lavendar Whip lipstick

Bitter pan eyeshadow

aaaannndddd Hello Kitty!!

Strayin' lipstick
Big Bow lipstick
Too Dolly quad
On the Prowl nailpolish
Medium makeup bag
and they gave me the reusable shopping bag!! SCOREEE.

And from the love of my lifeee for vday:
Hello Kitty Brush set
Pink Fish TLC
Tippy BPB (actually he didnt really get me this, they sent it in my package instead of pink fish. so i get to keep tippy and pink fish should be here tuesday. yay shipping errors!)

Oh, and I also bought a little feeder fish for my turtle. It was my first time live feeding. Not that the turtle actually got fed, the fish has been in the tank for 12 hours. Looks like I have a pet fish =\

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