No primer with Pro Longwear eyeshadows?


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Yesterday I bought a few of the pro longwear eyeshadows from last year, and the MA told me not to use any sort of primer underneath them or the staying power will diminish. Is this true? I have super oily lids and always use UDPP under eyeshadow normally.


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Why not experiment for yourself? Apply primer and eyeshadow on one eye, and eyeshadow without primer on the other, see what happens.


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Oh yeah, I did experiment with them and they do work fine on me with a primer underneath - I was just surprised when the MA said this as I'd never heard it before. I was wondering what the experience was among other MAC freaks :)

On a side note, I freaking love Sweet Satisfaction! Wearing it on the lid, with Carefree to highlight and Graphic Brown to line, has become my fave neutral look!

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