non MUA careers with cosmetics companies

fleur de lis

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Hi there,

I'm new here, so apologies if this is not the right place to post this!

I am currently doing a makeup course in London as I have always been interested in makeup (and am a MAC addict!). I'm absolutely loving it, but so far, I get the feeling I don't really have what it takes to be a makeup artist. However I would still love to work in the cosmetics industry, particularly for Estee Lauder, or more specifically, MAC.

I have science A levels and am hoping to go to uni next year to study Physiology. I would love to combine my passion for makeup and my science skills to pursure a career with a cosmetics company but I have no idea how best to go about making this happen! As part of my course I have a placement year and I'd love to do a placement with MAC/Estee Lauder, but again, am not sure how to do this.

Also, having looked at the website, the opportunities in the UK at head office seem to be mainly in marketing/sales and admin? Does anyone know if they have opportunities/roles such as I've described within the UK?

Any advice would be most welcome!


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I'm guessing that the reason for mostly marketing/sales jobs being advertised is that that's all that there is in the UK head office. This is quite common for companies with global brands, where the product development may occur in certain locations only, but each country or geographic region will have its own marketing and sales teams. Your best bet would probably be to phone the UK office and ask which agency does the recruitment, and then talk to them about what opportunities there might be for you as they will at least be familiar with the structure of the organisation. I would assume that if you're looking at science-based jobs though, that the majority of those are outside the UK and that the EL office here is either one for the UK market, or for the European region.