Not really new, but I should probably...


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...formally intoduce myself! I've posted a few things here and there but I've never properly introduced myself.

The name is Jeannine, I'm 22 turning 23 soon, and I live in sunny San Diego, CA. I'm Filipina and I'm short! I think I'm somewhere around an NC40/NC42, but I gave up on MAC foundation and got custom blended foundation b/c I'm one of those "in-betweeners." Boo.
Also, my face is darker than my neck and it bugs the shizz out of me, but I can't tan my neck? I also have horrible dark circles under my eyes and I'm still on the hunt for an HG concealer.

I never wore much makeup before, just foundation, eyeliner, mascara and some gloss, but since I randomly discovered Specktra about year ago, and after seeing everyone's collections and FOTD's, I've added some blush and e/s in the mix and I think I've spent far too much money than I probably should! I love buying and collecting makeup, but the b/f gets mad because he says I "don't need so much makeup" and whenever I'm on the computer he always asks me if I'm looking at "stupid makeup." Psh. What does he know, he spends all his money on his motorcycle. :p I kind of think he's joking though b/c he knows it makes me happy

I'm kind of a shy gal, and I tend to stick to neutrals/browns, but I want to venture a little furthur with colors, but I'm afraid blue e/s would make me look like a stripper (not to say any of you that rock your blues look like hookers - maybe it's just me) Besides, I had a bad experience with blue e/s a kid. Did anyone else's mother put BRIGHT blue e/s, BRIGHT pink blush, and red lips on them as a kid and you die a little inside when you see pictures of yourself? That's me. Anyway, I've tried light, shimmery pinks and they look okay. Tried purple, but I just look like I got sucker punched. Any suggestions for the willing, yet timid would be much appreciated! So I suppose that's all for my random & weird blabbering today, haha. I just want to say thanks to ladies and gents for your inspiration!

Oh and a few long are you a "new" member? Do you have to have a certain about of posts? aaand how many posts do you need to be able to see the clearance bin? k thanks!


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Greetings from a fellow pinay shortie! We can wear blues, it all depends on the hue and application--don't be afraid of the blues, lol

Btw, my hubby thinks my brush belt should consist of 2 brushes: a small one for my eyes and a large one for my face. Pssssh!!