NW 45 & up girls- Coloured or translucent loose powder?


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Hey ladies I've been thinking about getting the MUFE Super Matte Loose Powder to use as another setting powder (I have the MAC prep & prime one but I also want one that's really mattifying...). I don't know whether I should get the Translucent #12 one or the Caramel #56 one....Let me know what u think


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i have a friend who uses the translucent one and she loves it (although she did tell me that one day she put too much on and it made her look kinda ghostly).

as i have learned with my MAC mineralize skinfinish, even if it's supposed to be just a hint of color, it can make a different to the skin color. so, if the Caramel would be any lighter than your skin color, really think if that's what you'll need in the end and if that's what you want to use for touch-ups.

i'd say go for the translucent.
or what you could do is apply some of your foundation to your hand and try them both out and see what it does for you (or your face... that would probably make the most sense... lol).


MUFE translucent leaves me ashy
MAC translucent is softer finer and goes on CLEAR it keeps my makeup perfect til about 3pm and its almost half the price


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I use both, depending on how I feel. One benefit to translucent powders is that you can wear a cream blush or NARS multiple, anything subtle really and not necessarily loose the effect because the powder is colorless, whereas with a colored setting powder you may the color may be lost and applying cream blush over setting powder is not neat or effective really.

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