NW45 and Chanel Mat Lumiere


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Hey ladies, was wondering if any of you have tried the Chanel Mat Lumiere foundation, what colour did u try and how is it compared to MUFE Matte Velvet (at the moment I believe #80 is my colour even though it is a bit dark on me but not horribly so since my neck is darker than my face neways...#85 is doable too but is wayyyy orange when my face does get oily)???
Want to know cuz I have oily skin and want to invest in a good oil controlling foundation....


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I tried to get color matched at the Chanel counter.
Their online swatches are very deceiving.

I am NC 50 and I would say the closest match they had would have been to a person that would be NC 42 or 43 in MAC.

Based on what I saw, anything NC/NW 45 and up would not be able to find a foundation at Chanel.

Even the MA working there ..who happened to be darker skinned and Indian said she couldnt wear any of their foundations ... I told her to try Makeup Forever...


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I am somewhere around NC50/NW43/NC47(doesn't exist)/C7/Nars cadiz & macao mixed and I was matched to chestnut. Walnut worked but chestnut seemed to melt into my skin. ....in the mat lumiere...i love the way it feels-like nothing. but i was super oily after about 5 hours. that's pretty good for me.

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