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These are all so helpfull, thank you guys for taking the time to swatch all your nyx pruducts!

A question though:
Does anyone have the "nude on nude" palette AND the "champagne and caviar" palette?

I would love to see how similar the colours are in the two sets, to see if there is any point in buying both of them.
And also if someone knows if there are any trios or singles that are the same colour as in these palettes?

in the middle of the 4th page of this thread, there are swatches of the champagne and caviar palette. I can swath the nude on nude palette for you soon, I will be getting an order in in the next few days. (I also plan on getting champagne and caviar, but that won't be for a few months.)


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NYX 'tango with bronzing stix' in the shade 'tango and highlight'
the left side was blended in and the right side was swiped once.



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Just got the new HD foundation! I sent a tweet to NYX and asked them for a color match. I'm NC25 in MAC and they recommended #02 Soft Beige. It matches pretty well! Here it is along all my other foundations. I'd say the closest color match is MUFE Mat Velvet #40. The NYX foundation is less yellow than MUFE HD or MAC Pro Longwear.....these actually match me better but overall the NYX is a good match.

Here's a crappy pic, hope this helps someone! Eventually I will post a review in the NYX thread, but so far I'd say its decent :)



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NYX Make-Up Artist S102 :)

Shimmer Powders! or Bronzers, or whatever you feel like calling them haha! They're quite light, but they look beautiful.

Blushers! :)

Lip colors! First one on the left is my favorite <3

Eye shadow swatches :DDD They're all in order.

First and second row starting on the left.

Third and Fourth row on the left.

Fifth row on the left.



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Round Lipsticks: Strawberry Milk, Harmonica, Power, Sky Pink, Frosted Flakes, Circe

Top, L to R: Strawberry Milk, Harmonica, Power
Bottom, L to R: Sky Pink, Frosted Flakes, Circe

Powder Blushes: Peach, Pinched

Single Eyeshadow: Cherry

Eye & Lip Pencils: top to bottom: White, White Pearl, Hot Red, Dolly Pink, Pinky

Mega Shine Lipgloss: Dolly Pink

Left side, top to bottom: Dolly Pink lipliner, Pinky lipliner, Dolly Pink lipgloss
Right side, top to bottom: Peach blush, Pinched blush, Cherry eyeshadow, White eyeliner, White Pearl eyeliner, Hot Red lipliner


Soft Mat lip creams in Tokyo, Istanbul and Addis Ababa Tokyo is a bit brighter in person and slighly peachier (^top swatch is a bit more accurate):


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All Swatches on NC42 skin

Cream Rouge Blush in Natural^

^Cream Rouge Blush in Boho Chic^^

Cream Rouge Blush in Glow ^^

Cream Rouge Blush in Hot Pink


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NYX Diamond Sparkle Lipglosses (left to right):

DSG02 Orange Sparkle, DSG03 Paprika Sparkle, DSG04 Walnut Sparkle, DSG06 Rust Sparkle, DSG07 Ginger Sparkle, DSG08 Pink Sparkle, DSG09 Bronze Sparkle, DSG10 Red Sparkle, DSG11 Beige Sparkle, DSG12 Copper Sparkle, DSG13 Silver Sparkle, DSG14 Fuschia Sparkle, DSG15 Gold Sparkle

Only missing Rose and Plum Sparkle (which I may have to get!) These don't really have a smell or a taste, and they aren't glittery, but there is tonnes of sparkle - the effect is almost a frost finish. They're really pretty and comfortable on the lips, though! :)

Nude Lips

Orange Sparkle

Paprika Sparkle

Walnut Sparkle

Rust Sparkle

Ginger Sparkle

Pink Sparkle

Bronze Sparkle

Red Sparkle

Beige Sparkle

Copper Sparkle

Silver Sparkle

Fuschia Sparkle

Gold Sparkle

NYX Brush-On Glosses (left to right):

BG 105 Merlot, BG 106 On the Rocks, BG 108 Ice Queen, BG 109 Mutual Love, BG 110 Shine, BG 111 Amber, BG 113 Whip Cream, BG 114 Vineyard, BG 117 Red Lips, BG 118 Earth, BG 119 Oro, BG 120 Burgundy, BG 121 Sunrise, BG 122 Dolly Pink, BG 123 Garnet, BG 124 Golden Mauve, BG 125 Silver Plum, BG 126 Taupe, BG 127 Copper Penny, BG 128 Mod Squad, BG 129 Day Dream, BG 130 Power of Love

Missing BG 101 Frosted Beige, BG 102 Lilac Field, BG 103 Frosted Walnut, BG 104 Candies, BG 107 Natural, BG 112 Fusion, BG 115 Cosmopolitan and BG 116 Butter. These are a mix of finishes. The brushes were hit or miss, but that's to be expected - some were stiff and some were wonky, but most of them were just fine. Again, the glosses feel really nice going on. They have a sweet, candy-like smell, and the majority of the colours are semi-sheer to semi-opaque, but you can build for more coverage or just use a bit for a stain-like finish as well.

Nude Lips


On the Rocks

Ice Queen

Mutual Love


Whip Cream


Red Lips





Dolly Pink


Golden Mauve

Silver Plum


Copper Penny

Mod Squad

Day Dream

Power of Love

Phew! That was a long day of swatching! Hope this is helpful to some of you :)


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NYX Toffee Shimmer & Dune Single Eye Shadow

(L-R: Toffee Shimmer & Dune)

Toffee Shimmer & Dune compared with MAC Fresh Daisy & MAC Hocus Pocus

(L-R: NYX Toffee Shimmer, MAC Fresh Daisy, NYX Dune, MAC Hocus Pocus)

NYX Iced Mocha Jumbo Eye Pencil


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