Oh No Looks like more fake pigments


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Here's another seller



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the pigment container looks good to me compared to my pigment
i cant be shure on the boxes or sticker beacuse i dont keep my boxes


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Yes, definitely fake. I'll be posting some more pictures of genuine and fake pigments very soon to show the differences. The jar is wrong too although the differences between genuine and fake pigment jars are very small, they can be seen quite easily on these photos.


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The font on the round black label on the top flap of the box also does not look right. There is a distinct


deffinately fake!

Originally Posted by Holstrom4
The font on the round black label on the top flap of the box also does not look right. There is a distinct

Hi, im quite new to these boards, so im a little unsure if im alowed to post certain things..

The pigments i have looked at so far on here are fake.
Think beauty is deffinately either a victim or a knowing seller of these counterfeits.
Sweet temptationz did sell counterfeit MAC pigments and i luckily won my money back after returning them to her.

There were other sellers on ebay who purchased the fake mac pigments also from sweet temptationz and they seem to be oblivious to this so its possible they are now reselling these counterfeits.

All the fake MAC pigments, have no colour sticker on the bottom or they have a batch number and thats not MAC!!
Also if you look closely the jars differ in size slightly and the print is more prominent to the print on authentic pigment jars.
On the backs of authentic jars, you should find an accent mark above the letter e in the word fabrique, you wont find this on the counterfiet ones.
It can be difficult to tell with the full size jars never mind the samples that sell. Luckily there are slight colour differences that do somewhat not look right.

Usually MAC discontinues a colour and then that is it, unless a seller has had this colour since it was available and had them kept unlisted in storage or any of the public have them in their personal makeup case and decide they dont want them anymore, getting brand new straight outta the oven jars with ALL GIRL, COPPER, BRASS, BLUE STORM and many other seldom colours....is too good to be true unfortunately.

The best advice is if in doubt, ask the seller, as if they have nothing to hide then your question will not offend them.

When i used to buy my MAC full size jars from ebay is used to ask the seller before hand if the jars were authentic and if they had the accent mark on the back and the colour sticker on the bottom.

You are the buyer, you have the right to be informed before purchase.

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