Oily skin + cream blush?


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Hey all. I have pretty oily skin and so I've only ever stuck with powder blushes. I love the natural glowy look of cream blushes but will it last on oily skin? Any body have any product recommendations? Or even shades? (NC20/25)


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I have oily skin too and I wear cream blushes and they last all day. Wear foundation under near though because it will make it last longer.

I love Tarte and NARS and MUFE's look pretty nice but haven't tried those yet. Sometimes I make my own cream blush by scraping off a bit of powder blush and mixing with a light moisturizer and that lasts too and it's not hard to get the proper consistency.


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I have very oily skin and i love cream blushes - the best tip i can give u is to blend it into your skin very well - just keep blending it and i usually put a powder blush over it which makes it pop or u can just put a setting powder - my fav is fabulush cream colour base - its not as creamy as other cream blushes and is super pigmented!


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Try a cream to powder blush, like NARS's The Multiple. Maui would look pretty on ur skintone for a rosey flush and try Orgasm for a pretty peachy pink.
South Beach is a beautiful shimmery apricot shade too.


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I have very oily skin, and i love creme blushes, i just set it with prep+prime transparent powder, and it shows up all day (10+hr)


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I mix pigments with my day moisturizer for a nice, natural cream blush that stays. My favorite color to use is TKB Trading's Apple Blossom mica.

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