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I just got back from my rose romance hauling and got a few things
I exchange my Face and Body foundation to C6, And also got Circa plum p/g, shadowy lady, creme de violet,Et tu bouquet?, virgon kiss l/g, just a pinch gel and secret crush. I had stuck the thing in my daughter easter basket and later on this evening I asked her to empty the basket with the candy in it. And of course she threw out all of my MU. I was just looking for it and found it in the garbage.

I would have died if DH had thrown it out to the curb.


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Thank God you found out in time to fish it out. I would have been so devestated if all of that had gone to the dump.


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I actually would have done dumpster diving aswell if my makeup was thrown out, not matter how little an amount it was lol. I'm too attached and overprotective, and possible slightly manic also xD