Omgz I had a baby =P ( birth story)


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Sofia Liliana Castro
Sept 27 2008 at 3:49 a.m. Italy time
5 lbs 15 oz

Future MAC Addict =P

Heya ladies ...I have not posted FOtd's and such in forever ... I still lurk the boards but towards the end of my pregnancy I just stopped wearing makeup lol ..i just didnt have the energy to put on my face on the regular lol..and wehn i did it was super minimal...

Now im not wearing makeup cuz im always pumping milk im a cow ...changing diapers and hella sleepy lol ..but im very happy all at once lol..

here is my entry from my blog ..and pictures of my lil girl

daddy and sofia

Nipple time ..(owwwwww)

THe three of us

baby sofia

and here is my blog entry =)

So....the day finally came and went ..It is all still a bit of a blur. Sofia Liliana Castro arrived On Saturday September 27 at 3:49 am. She was 5.15 oz and 18 in long. She is a the tiniest little sweet pea. And apparently she looks nothing like me and it's all about the William lol. I woke up about 6 am on Friday Sept 26 ..feeling just fine..then as I proceeded in my morning ritual of slowly getting out of bed and hobbling over to the bathroom to relieve my bladder that sofia was sitting on ....I took a step and then bam umh hmh did I just pee myself ? Umh took me a second to figure out that no I didn't pee pee on meself but in fact it was actually my water slowly leaking out... WIlliam didn't belive me he was just like dude you just peed yourself i bet lol. So I called the labor and delivery unit on base and they had me come in. I was unsure because well other than leaking all over and being all wet..i felt normal ..I was not experienceing any contractions or anything ..and I remained that way for Hours upon hours upon hours omgz!

So we got to the clinic they confirmed yep your water broke ..your being was like Oh snap ..ok wow ..we are having baby soon. Heh well let's just say that it seemed like forevererererererererer and ever and then some. I never contracted on my own. My body just wasn't ready to go into labor yet ..but since water went leaking away all day long ....I was put on this nasty nasty drug called Pitocin ..yes you may have heard of it ..It is the devil's work I am sure. Pitocin made me contract and apparently pitocin contractions are stronger and longer than normal natural ones..and yes let me tell you they are the sucky suck.

so basically my labor was induced. My artificially induced contractions began about 2 pm I believe and they just kept gettin stronger and longer over the hours. What sucked was I was not really dialitaing much I had to just sit there and get through them because apprarently you can't get no Epidurell until you are at least 4 cm dialted. SO I got ganked. Finally at about 2 am ish ...I convinced the nursed that I was in too much pain and that would she pelase check my va jay jay and see if I dialted more. And sure enough she was like oh yeah well your 5 cm ..Im like THANK THE LORD can you please give me drugs.

So im all happy believing im about to head off to la la land and this is gonna be cake. Well I got ganked...they called the anhestiologist ..she came up ..she told me about the epidurell what i needed to do and not do ...and all this time she is briefing me im contracting ..and pushing ..... yes i was pushing ..I was telling everyone in there I need to push ..or I need to Poop one or the other lol.
they are all yelling doris castro don't push omg will injure your cervix ...your not fully like omg I can't help it ...i just can't I would like start to try to breathe through them and then mid way loose all those breathing techniques and I would push ..and it was all insane up in there with them telling me to stop and me ignoring them lol. So this nurse is like omg ok let me check you real quick since your contractions look like they are really strong ..IM THINKING NO SHIT Lady I been telling you for the past like 4 hours i need to push or ima take a dump right here lol. ( too me the bad contractions made me want to poop) and yes people I did poop ..and I don't give a damn either! Your momma prolly pooped too when she had you ..and if you are a woman you prolly will too when you give birth.

SO she goes omg your 9 cm ..someone page the doctor I went from 4 cm to 9 cm in a matter or like 20 mins or so lol.
So doctor comes in sitting there breathing contracting trying not to push like they are telling me too ...I hear all of them opinianting about and talking bout oh my how fast she dialted from 4 to 9 ...the anhestisologist bless her heat was nearly crying for me saying im soo sorry I can't help your pain ... needless to say by the time the doc walked in the room ...about 5 mins after the anhestilogist ...someone says ohhh the baby head is right there like omfg let me push already ..the doc the nurses are all like hold on doris don't push ...and then the doc goes ok doris im going to give you some numbing medication in your bottom to help you ...just as im contracting ..and then they are like oh well nevermind ...I never got the epidurll or this numbing medication he spoke of ..cuz as he was looking ...he goes ok push ..and then bam out she came in one big old push. It was literally like 30 seconds of Firey pain and then instant relief!!! ....I felt everything ..I felt her move down ..and pass through my freaking va jay jay ..i felt the head pop out and while it was sitting there it was like OWWWW and then a push I felt the shoulders and then the rest ..and it was like EUPHORIA ...NIRVANA...this super Adrenialne high felt so freaking good to push and get her out ..and then just huge surge of emotions. WE have all this drama on film ..I need to figure out how too edit just one or two money shots ..and resize the files..then maybe I'll post it for others too see lol.

After that of course many many tears ...omgs... i love yous...thank yous...were shared through out the room ..nurses, doctor, my mom ...william ...
I am absolutely in love with my child and completely scared out of my mind that I will mess up somehow lol ... Im tired nipples are cracking and bleeding ...breastfeeding is no joke...actually I am feeling like having her was cake ..and this brestfedding stuff is way worse than birthing her out lol. It's a struggle but im trying ..It's only been liek 4 days ..but man this junk is not what I expected it too be ..but I truley belive it is the best for me and my baby so im trying really hard ..but we shall see ..I feel so crazy guilty for crying through my feedings cuz it hurts so bad ..cuz i want to nurture my child ...and I am ..but its so painful and I sit there and stare at the clock and pray that it ends quickly ..and then I feel horrible for wanting to rush her feedings... ahhhh ok let me stop talking bout that cuz I need to feed her in about 30 mins heh heh.

Ok well yeah I know this is long ..and if you read of all this ..bless you lol. Just wanted to share my experience.... I still feel like wow why did they let us take her home im estactic soo happy ..but im all scared and worried too all in one. I am so in love with her ..I don't know how to describe it ..but life at the moment really truley wonderful.


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COngratulations!! She's a doll... you brought back so many memories with that story. I remember both of my kids births.


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Aw, she is beautiful! Congratulations!
I know all about Pitocin...and agree it is from the Devil himself

Good luck with the breastfeeding, it WILL get better. I can't remember what its called, but they sell a lotion to put on your nipples to heal them, so have someone go buy it cause it will really help! Good luck xoxoxo


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She's beautiful. Congrats, I know you've been waiting for this. About the painful feedings, I agree with the lotion (lanolin?), my mum had a really hard time of it too. I also think, but am not sure, that often painful feeding is a result of the baby not latching on properly. Try looking for a breastfeeding support forum and you'll probably be overwhelmed with advice. Good luck!


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You and your family are so beautiful
thank you for sharing your story honestly. I hope to have a baby some day and I'm so tired of people just glossing over the "real" moments and pretending it happens like it does in movies! I was adopted so I can't ask my mom about giving birth and none of my friends have babies yet. Thank you again and best wishes for you all


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Congratulations, your baby is so beautiful!!

Originally Posted by frankenkitty71
You and your family are so beautiful
thank you for sharing your story honestly. I hope to have a baby some day and I'm so tired of people just glossing over the "real" moments and pretending it happens like it does in movies! I was adopted so I can't ask my mom about giving birth and none of my friends have babies yet. Thank you again and best wishes for you all

OMG tell me about it. If one more person gushes about how great childbirth is, I'll slap them. If you want a good story, let me get my manager on here. It took her over 2 days to have her baby. Literally, she was in the bed contracting and dialating and false pushing and screaming for something like 54 hours. Then went back to work 3 weeks later!


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Your daughter is SO unbelievably precious!
What a beautiful gift.
You have a lovely family.. don't worry yourself about "messing up" because I'm sure you will be a fantastic mother. Congratulations, and best of luck to you and the hubby in your new endeavor of parent-hood.


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awwwwwwww congrats
i love the realness of your story lol not the A Baby Story version lol. shes beautiful best of wishes!!


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Congratulations!! Shes is sooo freaking adorable, shes like already smiling on her first day out!!! Good luck with the breast feedings hun. Reading your story reminded me soooo much of my birthing experience, it was like deja vu

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