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okay i got this idea from Bubbles in another post. I know everyone gets bored and needs SOMEONE to talk to about makeup or just anything. So i thought I would make a post to for people to post their aim/yahoo/msn or whatever to let people know you are willing to let people contact you. Also, this is another way for people on the forums to get to know eachother better one on one! Here is my info..

Aim: formosusfemina



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MSN: [email protected] It is on as long as I am at home. Great idea. I know my hubby hates talking about lip gloss and eye shadow. He especially hates hearing how much it cost.


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Yahoo: Bubbles_12_98 (on constantly..especially when I'm at home or work)
MSN: [email protected](hardly)
AIM: MishySA(hardly)

I'll try to add some of you ladies to those msgers..or let me know if you add me & I haven't been on b/c I hardly get on the other 2. Also if you send me e-mails to [email protected] I ALWAYS check that e-mail daily


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I just made a section in all 3 of my msgers for "MAC-Addicts/Specktra" *hehe* YAY!!! MSG ME!! If I'm usually means I have nothing better to do anyways *hehe*


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Woo Hoo!!! Mine are:

Melozburngr - AIM
[email protected]- MSN

MESSAGE ME!! My Mac is on 24 hrs a day, and I'm usually right there with it- but dont feel bad if I dont respond right away... I need SOME time to put my makeup on


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Gosh, been so long since I used Yahoo I nearly forgot my details!

Yahoo ID mrwhittingtonscat
AIM mspixieears
MSN - none because the pop-ups drive me mad

Not usually on a great deal but if I see anyone of you, I'll always say hello!

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