Opal & navy polish recs?*


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I'm fairly new to the world of nail polish! I would appreciate any suggestion a lot. I'm looking for a good quality navy nail polish, without any shimmer (but not matte) - quite dark, but not dark enough to be mistaken for black.

Also, I see loads of really pretty polishes that are kind of a milky white but with pink/yellow et cetera shimmers in it - can anyone recommend one that looks like of like opals? I'm looking for a colour that's a pale white in most lights, but reflects shades like light pink, and blue (preferably more than one.)

Thank you!


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I'm not really sure what you mean by having no shimmer, but also not being matte. I kind of feel like the only other option there is glitter.
I have three navy blues that I really like, here's a quick picture of them:

Sephora by OPI - opening night ( darkest, but still blue, has blue shimmer)
Sephora by OPI -Blue Grotto (matte coloring, not matte finish)
China Glaze - Blue Paradise (has blue shimmers)


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OPI Russian Navy (not the suede one) sounds exactly like the navy you're looking for

for the opal shade, China Glaze Afterglow is a nice shimmery pink/white that flashes blue. here's Scrangie's swatch: Scrangie: A polish I really like - China Glaze Afterglow


edit-- about Russian Navy, i just googled it and it seems to be kind of shimmery... for some reason i thought it was a creme. sorry!
there is a Russian Navy matte by OPI which is completely flat w/o shimmer so maybe it'd be worth it to just buy that and put topcoat over it.

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For navy I like OPI Russian Navy and ChG Calypso Blue

For opal ones, I have some reflective ones from Misa that i love: Sweet Pleasure (reflects teal/blue) and Candy Girl (reflects pink)

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China Glaze Rainbow is the best opal. I love it so much. It's pearly pale white and it reflects blue, pink, and purple under different lighting.

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