Organizing your Makeup


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I wanted to know how people organize their makeup. I mean not at home but when you're a traveling makeup artist. I know traincases help, but honestly, how much can you really put in 1 traincases? I was thinking of purchasing the roll-along traincases but unsure as to if I should or not.

Pictures, comments, anything would be great.


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I hate hard traincases. They're effing useless, a pain to transport, and junkies/teenage thugs/baggage handlers like to steal them because they think they're photographic equipment cases.

I use a squashy rectangular zip-up case for a small job (no hair, no styling, already know what products I need), and little wheel-along suitcases for bigger jobs (one for MU, one for hair and styling stuff). Way more practical. My suitcases are bigger versions of the Barbie/Spiderman ones you see little kids pulling along, but they're fire-enginge red and have ladybugs printed on them. I can find them in a hurry that way.