Orgasm Multiple


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I was reading and they had attended an exclusive event where they shared that Nars will have the Multiple in Orgasm soon. I attached the clip.



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Wow, I definitely wanna get that when it comes out. The powder version of Orgasm wasn't that great for me, but I think in Multiple form I'll like it a lot more.

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For some reason, I always thought of Portofino multiple as being very Orgasm-esque.
I'm looking forward to the O Multiple. :dance:


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Which would be a more pink version of Mustique? I think that's silly, there's already a gloss and a blush, whats the point? I guess the cream formula is a little more forgiving to dry/aging skin, but I wish they'd come out with some different colors, not the same color over and over in different products.


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that's interesting! i feel like i want to buy it. i have portofino but seldom use it though maybe i'll stick to powder blushes.
I'm kind of excited for it, even though I agree that different colors would've been nice. I'm a slave to the blush and the gloss, however, and think it's cool that I could easily throw the multiple into my purse for touchups.


I think the multiple will be nice but I will probably stick to the powder blush. The multiples don't work well as blushes for me...the pores on my cheeks just don't respond well or something.


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I wonder how different it will be from Portifino....that's awful close to Orgasm. I don't think Orgasm would sell if it was called Peach. I think it only sells that well because it has a catchy name, there are far more universally flattering shades from Nars.

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anyone else not a fan of the fact that no one else gives the nars line any props aside from orgasm? i feel like everyone acts like orgasm is the only thing nars ever came out with of value and that doesnt do nars ANY justice.

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Orgasm doesn't show up that well on me. I think Nars has so many great blushes that it's a shame that people get stuck on one color because of the name. However, kudos to their staff to think of names like that.