Oriental Make-Up for a Ball??


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I need some help! I'm going to a ball next week, the theme is Oriental. My dress is a fushia-ish pink with a lavender detail at the top and my shoes are strappy silver. I want to do something special with my eyes that matches the balls theme... any ideas or pics are greatly appreciated!!



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How about a geisha inspiration (that's the best you can do with your eyes) with some inspiration from a lotus flower.

Some picks for you to get where I'm going with this:


What you will need:
Green eyeliner (MAC Shade)
MAC Sushi Flower or another Bright Pink
UD Asphexia

First thing is first:
Take a NUDE eyeshadow (MAC Shroom) put from lashline to browbone
Take your Bright Pink eyeshadow and run over your lashline and up to your browbone once you get to the outer corner of the eye.
Take your Dark Green eyeliner and line your upper lashes then take it up slightly following your bright pink color.
Take your UD Asphexia and line the outer third of the eye on the lower lashline with that and blend it uplike you did the shade and the bright pink
Black mascara.

Now if you want to take the simplist route, what I would suggest (and what I would do personally is-
Take a black liquid liner (MAC Fluidliner in Blacktrack) do the same technique as above (with the shade)

Use nothing else on your lashes. Use fake lashes then with your lips use a magenta lipstick


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unfortunately no. I got if off google. It was used more for inspiration, I didn't do anything with that.