Orlando, FL CCO (Orlando Premium & Prime Outlets)


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i went to the CCO at the prime outlets 2 weeks ago and they had just gotten in some pretty cool stuff.. 187 & 252 brushes, 2 skinfinishes fold deposit and stereo rose (which i bought
) all the sateen holiday bags, all the holiday palettes, stila pussycat dolls stuf and a bunh more that i can't remember right now..


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Orlando CCO

Well I was there last week and they had:
Mac 187 brush
provence, dark soul, blue, rich purple pigments
some of the satten bags yellow, green blue
they had 2 pearlizers the purple one and the burgundish one
umm so of the disney tlcs
damzel, enchantress, prrr, fluer de light, lure-x lipglasses
3 of the glitterliners


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Orlando Premium Outlets

Hey..well this is only my 2nd post but I haven't had much to say until now
I spotted ola mango lipglass, dusk lipglass from the catherine denueve collection, a bunch of blushes (only sunbasque caught my eye) most of the disney tlc's, the boudouir hues quad...loads of lipsticks. Sorry guys I should have written down exactly what I saw, I guess I didn't think much of it was special. I bought living pink (last one, it was hidden behind a bunch of rio de rosas) ola mango, a backup of sunbasque, and a backup of enchantress. They also had the "plush puff" that came out in 2001, I already have it so I didn't get another one. They had a big leather covered box with pink leather lining that came with tweezers, wedges, and empty jars:confused: The box was nice but it was $108, if it included better stuff I might have considered buying it.


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Was just there this this weekend. I was in town for a few days visiting "The Mouse House". I saw quite a few things, and got quite a few, because there is no CCO anywhere NEAR Maryland that has as much MAC stuff (at least not during the times when I've been there). I will start with the stuff that I actually got for myself (I'll post a pic of my haul later) and I will then try to list the stuff that I remember seeing, but didn't get.

My Goodies
Lure-x l/g
Oi!Oi!Oi! l/g
C-Thru l/g
a lipstick whose name I can't remember right now (it's a pinky/mauvy/goldy/frosty-ish color... really pretty)
a lipliner whose name I also can't remember right now (similar to Currant l/l in color, starts with an "o", I think)
Belle Azure e/s
C7 Studio Fix Compact (2-one for my BFF and one for my kit)
NC55 Select Sheer Loose Powder
NC42 Studio Tech Compact
NC50 Studio Finish Matte Foundation
NW40 Studio Finish Matte Foundation
NC15 Select Cover up Concealer
NW50 Select Cover up Concealer
NC35 Concealer (um... the one in the pot... I'm totally blanking right now on what it's called)
NC45 Studio Stick Concealer
Provence Pigment
Format blush
Loverush blush

Now for the things that I saw that I didn't get (can you believe I left anything in the store after THAT list???)

187 brush (for $29.50!!!)
192 brush (don't remember the price
an eye brush, can't remember which one
a few e/s (dovefeather, rio de rosa, wonder full, um... one or two more rather boring shades)
a whole lot of blushes but don't remember the names, though I do remember seeing Tanarama
a bunch of l/g's (including ola mango)
some of those jeweled holiday pallettes from a couple years ago
a few paints (Architecture and some others)
two shades of Studio Stick foundation
a bunch of concealers (if you couldn't tell from my list above)
a whole bunch of lipsticks including some LE's, but my brain is too fried right now to recall from which collection
all of the Disney TLCs
4 fluidliners (I remember seeing blitz & glitz)
a few shades of Studio Fix Fluid
a few shades of Select SPF
a few shades of Hyper Real
some of the bronzing body stuff
a couple perfumes
a whole bin full of random small bags
a bunch of different pro glosses and strobe tints
the holiday lip gelee set
a few random nail polishes
Blue pigment
Purple pigment
some other shades of Select Sheer Loose powder

I think that about covers everything I saw...

For those of you in that area who don't yet have the 187 and you want one, I would suggest you hit up this store... quickly.

ETA: forgot to mention I saw a few shadesticks and some of the pro-longwear l/gs. and also 2 different liquid liners. and a couple cheekhues.


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Wow! its like they have an endless supply of belle azure eyeshadow in these places! I went like 2 months ago and got it. That sounds like a great haul!


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Orlando, FL CCO - 9/19/06

I was at the CCO in Orlando this weekend and from what I remember, they had:

Crystal Avalanche
Budding Beauty
Brown Down
Satellite Dreams
Black Tied (Lure)
Felt Blue
Sunday Best
Falling Star
Plum Dressing
Zonk Bleu!
Royal Wink
The blue and orange glitter liners
Pink Freeze
Plum Dandy
And a ton more!
Pink Grapefruit
C Thru
A bunch of prolongwears
2005 Lipgelee set

Lovely Lily
Pink Opal
Sweetie Cakes
Budior Hues
And two more I can't recall
A ton of paints
Eye liners
4 or 5 blushes
Tons of foundation and powders
Greenify Perfume

No 187's though, I checked!


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Originally Posted by MAChostage
Where in Orlando is the CCO store? I'm thinking it's in the Disney (I Drive) area, is that right?

Yes, it is in the outlet area off of International Drive, I believe off of Vineland
You can see it from I-4. I am pretty sure we took the route 535 exit (my sister was driving LOL!)


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Originally Posted by Christina983
how much are the lipglasses there i fyou can remeber please?

They are $10. I am pretty sure everything is 30% off of retail


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Re: Orlando CCO?

i found the 182 for 32$ there and they had a lot of MSF skinfinishes in medium and dark....


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Re: Orlando, FL CCO - 9/19/06

it's of I-4 , take the lake buena vista exit and then go left on Vineland. it's in the premium outlet mall.


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Re: Orlando CCO?

Just went there this past weekend. They have ALL, yes ALL of the MAC Holiday 2006 Lip Bags (including the very hard to find Casanova lipstick in the Red Holiday Lip Bag). They also have a couple of the brush sets from Holiday 2006.

Also noticed a LOT of products from the Lure collection including Sex Ray lipglass, Lure lipstick, and Black Tied eyeshadow. Hope this helps all of you who are planning to take a trip out to the Orlando area for some sun!

One more thing, for skincare, they have the Asia-exclusive MAC 'Lightful' facial soap which is really nice.

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Re: Orlando, FL CCO - 9/19/06

I went recently, they have a load of cool brushes - I got the Holiday set of 5 for $35. From what I remember they don't have a large selection of eyeshadows, but a reasonable selection of Concealers, Lipsticks and Lipglass available. I love this store!


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Re: Orlando, FL CCO (Orlando Premium Outlets)

i was there yesterday 3-25-07

boy beauty quad
well plumed quad
crapload of holiday stuff
crapload of lipsticks, lipglass
mineralize skinfinishes
bunch of face and eye brushes
sateen bags
jeweltone, peppier and a bunch of other boring shadows
nw500 foundation
sundressing bronzing sprays

and a bunch of other stuff i honestly can't remember

they DID have a bunch of the LE bobbi brown gold shimmerbrick tho! GORGEOUS!!

a ton of stila and clinique stuff too!

quite a few items from the tom ford for estee lauder collection (in the pretty blue packaging)


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Re: Orlando, FL CCO (Orlando Premium Outlets)

Anyone been lately? I'll be traveling here in a couple weeks and am wondering if it's worth a stop.

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