Other Forums (Not make up related) you're a part of.


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Re: Other Forums (Not make up related) your a part of.

A few other music related forums, one of which I also moderate


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Television Without Pity: I love the snarkiness and brutal honesty from the user
regarding films and tv shows
U2 Feedback: a u2/music/etc board
3 Fat Chicks On A Diet- for weight loss support


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uhmmm .. well .. one of the sites I use a lot other than this one is

Skylines Australia

It's a site for the type of car I have (Nissan Skyline) .. lol ..

... Yes, i'm a geek girl car nut who is addicted to MAC ...


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TelevisionWithoutPity since forever, even when they were MightyBigTV.
A USC fansite, WeAreSC.com -I'm a football fanatic.
OhNoTheyDidn't- Not really a forum but there is lots of snarky commentary.

Tin Angel

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sickpuppiesworldcrew.net (For the Australian band Sick Puppies)
yesssaid.com/forum (A Tori Amos/Kate Bush forum)
Otherwise I just get my fix on LiveJournal.


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im in a few spanish ones:
foro vogue
foro destierro
hasta arriba de foros y sucedaneos

and a few more i dont really like, i just go like 5 times a year :S and check


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Oh I forgot about Purse Forum. I rarely post though, just browse and drool over which bag to get next!


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The only other forum I read and post on regularly is a music forum which is local to my area. I spend a lot less time on there since I discovered Specktra a few years ago.

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