Out of that DAMN apartment!


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Well, everyone, I owe you thanks. I don't know if it was the prayers or well wishes, or just the positive energy, but we're outa that damn apartment, and just between us, they were very willing to appease us to make the complaint go away. So, we're in our new house and it's amazing. I will post pics soon.

Wanna hear something funny? The principal broker AKA the PRESIDENT of the realty company that we placed the fair housing complaint against actually helped WRITE the regulations! LOL. So yea, I was glad I got to talk to him. He's a cancer survivor who is a very fair and decent individual. Weird.

And get this. We ordered our fridge in Feb. to have it delivered on Firday before we moved in. Well, it's coming TODAY. They forgot to put it on the truck, so I went back up to the Home Depot and got them to agree to give us a $100 food allowance.

Things are FINALLY lookin up. My hubby was able to get the HD tv he wanted and my son has a backyard and a room that we can paint with all of his favorite characters (oh this is so cool. We're doing the bottom half of the room in chalkboard paint, and then the tops of the walls are going to be 4 different colors which he gets to pick out. Then we're doing Elmo, Stitch, Pooh Bear, and Blue on the different walls. My hubby is going to paint the ceiling blue with a glow in the dark Superman emblem in the center of the ceiling. How COOL is THAT?!).

Anyway, I digress. Thank you all so much for all of your wishes. I hopefully will be able to post more again soon, once everything is unpacked and I have some sense of normalcy here lol.


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Glad to hear things are looking up for you and your family.
It's so nice to hear good life news from members. I hope you get your "normalcy" back soon, but it sounds like you're going to be painting for a few days at least. (i know how crazy painting can be, we did the entire house when we moved in)


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woot! thanks for the update.
best of luck to you and your family in the new place, can't wait to see pictures.


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ohh how exciting! i'm happy for you. by the way, your son's room sounds like it's going to be amazing. =O good luck with the painting and stuff!