Paints and a question :\


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I recently bought Bare Canvas paint to use as a base (I used to use concealer as a base). I love the texture to death but it creases like mad! I don't get it...

Does anyone else have this problem, or am I just weird?

Oh, my question...ummmm. What's a good base to use, aside from paints?

Also, could anyone give any tips on blending in the crease? I can never do it, especially on highly pigmented colors.



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the only paint i've used is untitled but that doesn't ever crease on me. weeird.. maybe you're using too much?? i dunno..
and someone on here said shadesticks were good to use as bases.


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you really only need to use a TINY bit, otherwise it creases so it's a win-lose kind of product! You have to be careful with it because it's easy to go overboard. I have the best luck applying it with my fingers to get the perfect amount on and an even application. HTH!


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I usually start with my finger and then spread it with a concealer brush. Also, i put it on as THIN as possible all over from lit to brow and then slightly build it for more coverage. I find that when I put it on thick to begin with, it can easily crease and flake. It's pretty much a trial and error process, but when I get it right, I love it!


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I use Stilife paint, and I've never had a problem with creasing, but I hear if you put on too much it tends to crease. Just practice the amount you put out, and if you need more then build.

A lot of members choose to use shadesticks as well. I've never tried them, but they sound promising. Also Urban Decay makes a primer potion that I hear is great, no creasing or budging of e/s.

Good luck.


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Yes, everyone is correct. You are using WAYYY too much.
all you really need is the absolute tiniest amount possible. Also after I use it I let it dry for a few seconds. Then I use a nude powder from lashline to browbone for extra staying power


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I use a very small amount of Paints as primer. Without squeezing the tube, I take out a small amount with the tip of toothpick. Then I apply with my finger. Once in awhile, but less than once a week, I do have to squeeze the tube.