Paints: MAC vs L'Oreal HIP


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I'm interested in paints and what they do. Does any one of you fabu ladies use them either MAC or HIP? Thoughts? Rite-Aid has all the HIP stuff BOGO free this week so I'm going to go up there after work and pic up 2 or 4 to play around with. Also, how do you use them? Which brush do you use for this? Is the HIP line even worth going to get?



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I like using M.A.C paints more than H.I.P because it stays on a lot longer, and doesn't crease as easy. Usually when i use a paint i use my finger( the best tool) or my 239 or 242. 242 is probably best though. You usually find most people using the paints as a base for the colors to POP!!! Hope this helped


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Hi! I have a lot of MAC and a lot of HIP. I think that HIP is a great line. They have cream eyeliner stick that are like shadesticks, they have lip jellys similar to tendertones. The HIP paints are paints are a good way to try paints before you spend so much on a MAC one. Some of the eyeshadows are amazing! BOGO is the only way I buy my HIP....why pay full price?!


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Just to let everyone in the Mid West know HIP is currently Buy one get one free at Meijers this week
I may go pick up a couple of paints from Hip to try them out

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