Pale Foundation


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I love the porcelain doll look (umm...people tell me I look like one even though I'm far from porcelain...) and I've tried many many pale foundations. However, none seem to make me look much lighter than I actually am (NC 30-ish).

Sooo...I was wondering if anyone could recommend a foundation with decent coverage (Studio Fix Powder?).

I would love to try Kryolan too...but there are no theatrical supply stores near me (unless I go to San Francisco).



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I personally use Select SPF liquid foundation daily. Just got a shade or two lighter, and see how that is. It gives great coverage. Studio Fix liquid isn't all that great. The coverage is lighter and the colors are off.


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I like Max Factor foundations, they have a good coverage [they're pretty buildable].


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Try one of Makeup Forever's primers, the white one will make your skin lighter, as for a foundation with a good coverage and that can create a flawless look, I'd advise Makeup Forever's Mat-Velvet.