panda eye with quite a bit of extra decoration


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In my mirror picture (haha,) you can see the shape of the black.


I went to a concert on Saturday night (Placebo to be specific!) and I took those before I left.

I think I did pretty well on the black (I had tried it a couple of times before, so I had some practice) but I'd say I rushed myself kind of a lot on the pink and the rainbows...


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This is really cute no doubt but I'm not sure if I'd put the rainbow under my eyes because it'd run and get everywhere but nice job none the less.

PS. How was the concert?


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I thought about that too, but I did it anyway and surprisingly it didn't run very much. My hair took most of the damage, and by the end of the show was about half the size it started out as.

The concert was kickass. If you like Placebo, you'll probably like them better live. They did skip a lot of important songs, but still it was one of the funnest concerts I've been to.

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