partners for PROVENCE p/g


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just picked up provence p/g in cco, and was wondering if anyone has great combos--what do i pair with this piggie/where do you recommend it, lid or highlight-tear duct, under brow? (i'm nc25 w/ olive)TIA


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There are better piggies than this - Provence is slightly chalky and Fairylite is better to work with. Provence has its uses though so if you feel you like the colour hang on to it. It makes a lovely highlighter, I generally use it with taupes but it can be used with any colour really - pinks are good too. I wouldnt use it as a wash though, it doesnt blend all that well even though its a finer pigment and I'd stick to using it as a highlighter.


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i like it. i use for when i don't want something too shimmery like shroom. so i guess a more neutral look. :]
i've actually never tried it foiled either


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In my opinion Provence is a good pigment. I wouldn't describe it as "chalky" at all. I have also Fairylite, in my opinion Fairylite is god choise if you want some glow, but Provence is great for natural and sweet everyday looks.

I use Provence pigment sometimes just on it's own with some pink blush and red lipstick. It's is great if you want to create simple and classic eye makeup. I also use it with eye shadows. I like to match with it for example (MAC) shades: Soft braun, Brun or Expresso. Also Bobbi Browns Stonewashed nudes eyeshadow palette works in my opinion great with Provence pigment (especially the dark shades of that palette). And MAC's N collections neutral eye shadows are also ery pretty with Provence pigment. (:)