Passions of Red + Adoring Carmine Makeover 10/23/08


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Hello, hello all! So, here I am with another JJ makeover for you! This look has been the softest and most natural look she's done so far.

I really like it and so did the bf. haha..

I hope you all enjoy and thank you in advance.

Soft Ochre paint pot

Intriguing Scarlet: Warm Eyes pallet
-Sweet Joy (brow bone)
-Well Spiced (crease)
-Real Drama (crease)
-Warm Suede (lid)
-Grand Entrance (lower liner)

Espresso (brows + upper liner)
Zoom lash mascara?

Mineralize Satinfinish in NC35
MSF in Medium

So Ceylon (hollow)
Buff (apples)

Soft Spot then Real Treasure on top.

Same picture, different angle/lighting



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i have to agree..i've said this i think about your fotd about the emanual ungaro fotd..but now i think this is the best fotd you've done. glowy and just beautiful!


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^^ I agree to what everyone said and yes this is def one of the best and natural looking too... thanks for enabling again Patty! I want the warm eyes palette now and was going to skip this completely... aww poor wallet

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