Payday Haul!!!


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So today I got paid...and payday=makeup. Lots of it too.

Since I was good and didn't buy any makeup before my payday though (in the week and a half before), I bought the Jardin Aires pigment last night at work. So excited, it's gorgeous!

Then payday rolls around and it's a Clinique gift at The Bon (aka Macy's to the non-Seattleites)-two lipsticks, mascara sample, usual other samples, and then the best part-a eye and cheek palette. I don't really like the shades but man, the packaging is gorgeous. I saw one of their glosswear shades in the Sephora catalogue the other day, so figured I'd give it a spin, along with a tube of the High Definition mascara which is one of my favourites.

Then I have a Friends/Family coupon for Ulta (yay for working at a mall) and I wanted to get some of the OPI India polishes but they were fresh out. Grr...however I did spy a 4-pack of Essie minis for $8, and I am in love with Showstopper. Then I finally sprung on Urban Decay Jones, which is a dupe of Lancome Candid (albeit less orangey and a bit more peachy). Had to decide between that and the 1999 eyeliner but I will be using the shadow a lot.

Oh and I am not sure it counts as makeup, but I was in VS and I decided to spring for the Supermodel shimmer mist-it's a fun scent, I love shimmer, and the packaging looks really good with all the rest of my perfumes.

More hauling potential within the next two days...because if I have time I could be trying to get some more goodies.


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^Yep! Just like how Frangos are the "great Seattle Christmas tradition" and it's not a Frango if it is not sold in a hexagonal box.

Well I added to it today-took advantage of the nice weather and went downtown and Sephora was doing a Benefit event with free mini-makeovers. I got my eyes done and it's a cute look but not really screaming "me". I still bought some MUFE glitter because it's an iridescent and I have some great looks planned with that and Crystal Avalanche. Then I went to Nordie's where I had to fight through the throngs of people for the MAC Pro tour, but they had Pink Pearl pigment. So happy!