Perm for me lor no?


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Hi girls! Ever since I first tried curling my hair on Halloween, I've loved the way it looks. I'm still a complete beginner with the curling iron, but whenever I have time before work (a few days a week), I've tried using my curling iron to curl my hair. Several friends have suggested a perm, so that I don't need to work so hard every day at curling it. I prefer how it looks curled, but I love curling it myself when I have time and want to learn how to style my own hair. Then again, I'm sure it will look better professionally curled than when I try it. I was hoping for some advice as to what looks best. Here are pics of my hair straight and curled. What do u think?




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I say go for a perm or a loose body wave. With a body wave, it makes your hair easier to curl but you can still create the size of the curls you want. But a perm would be really nice to just hop out of the shower, add some product to your hair and go.

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