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personal mac palette

poppy z

Well-known member
Hi everyone!!!

I have enough to buy mac pro palette by 4 or 15 pans. So I decided, with the help of my friend Virginie (
) to create my own palette.

What I use:
_a cd
_foam color rubber (it's very cheap)
_magnets (or anything magnetize)
_some mac postcards for decoration

here is a link to my makeup blog with pictures of this tut'
I hope you will like it:

The result:
My green, brown and black & blue palettes:

when it's open:

close view:

It's simple to do.

first: take the dimensions of the cd and put the foam rubber in it (with this dimensions)
then: take your e/s for drawing the cercles and cut them with scissors for make the holes
Put magnets in the holes and add your e/s

And for the rest: do what you want. My friend Virginie put a mirror on the other side but I prefer put the name of the e/s.

Now, I keep my 4 mac palette empty (I have 2) and I use it when I travel.

I hope it was clear (because I'm french).
If you have any questions: MP!!!



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Awww... what a great idea! Especially since a lot of people (myself included) don't have access to a freestanding so they can buy palettes.

poppy z

Well-known member
Originally Posted by Miss_Behave
wow that's super pretty!!!

Hey, Miss_Behave, my friend!!! Thx for your post.
But where are you (I send you a mail)...?
If you go to Paris, you will see my palette in real

I have a preference for the culturebloom one (brown/ gold/orange...): it's my best work!



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WOW that looks awesome love the whole idea of making a pan out of a cd case. 8) GREAT JOB.


Well-known member
wow that is fantastic, i love how you used the post cards as covers. thanks for posting, you're so creative


Well-known member
That's really fabulous! And you get a lot more storage compared to a 15-pan for the space. I may have to try this!

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