Picnic dinner date by the lake


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Alright, so my boyfriend has been out of town for a little over a month, and will be back next Friday. He said I could plan whatever it was I wanted to do, and so sometime that weekend I'm planning on taking him on an evening picnic at a lake... either on the beach, or the dock.
I'm really excited about it, but I'm not sure what to make for the picnic! Any ideas?


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Ahh, what a sweet idea. It honestly kind of depends what food you like and are willing to prepare. If you want to go the more romantic route, I'd do italian themed with pasta.

My bf and I had a picnic at the beach today and I just made quick sandwiches, fruit salad and cookies and he really liked it.

Whatever you decide, think of the portability factor...plates, utensils, temperature etc. Have fun!


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Do it on the beach if you can, I love picnics on the beach! Just remember a nice soft blanket! You should make spaghetti and garlic bread and other warm comfort foods.


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Like Vintage said, consider the portability and temperature factor. If you're going to be travelling somewhere a little ways away, you might want to consider something that doesn't have to be eaten piping hot...and you may not want ice cream as a dessert. ...also consider the setting, and whether or not bugs are issues...you can get some of those non-scented (or at least not icky smelling) citronella candles to keep bugs at bay, and also add to the romantic mood.
GL hun, it sounds like a lovely evening!

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