Pictureless FOTD: 03/30/08


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This is a look that in a previous incarnation, got a LOT of attention from the people at Sephora-every SA was fawning over it

First, I put on a tinted moisturizer, as my normal one was missing, and I've probably got pneumonia or something so it really helps to make me look halfway decent.

Next is the eyes, bien sur. Start out with UDPP and put it on up to the brow. Then use Lancome e/s in The Pink Carpet and put it on the eyelid up to the crease. Next, get MAC e/s in Pink Freeze and pat it on top of the aforeshadowed area. (You can also do it the other way around, it gives amazing colour depth) For finishing up the top lid, I grabbed Too Faced Starry Liner (glitter e/l) in Super Freak and did a fine line along the lash line. If you have Urban Decay Heavy Metal liner in Baked or the Midnight Cowboy (from the giftset), you can do that too.

Still with me? Then take MAC glitter in Reflects Very Pink and swipe it along the crease. It should be very subtle. But if you are a glitter addict like me, that isn't nearly enough glitter! So take MAC glitter in Reflects Gold and swipe it OVER the stuff that had the Reflects Very Pink on it as well as going up to the brow. Then you can put on your mascara of choice. Today it was a little sample of Lancome Defencils, as I am trying to use up one of my many samples as a way to wait for the next Clinique GWP. Then use an eyeliner brush to line underneath the eye with The Pink Carpet and voila, the eyes are almost done. Take a little bit of MAC Crystal Avalance eyeshadow and dab it into place on the inner corner of the eye, making sure to blend well.

Then I used MAC Beauty Powder blush in Alpha Girl on the cheeks, but also blending off so that it wasn't TOO heavy since I don't have a face that takes blusher very well. Top it off with a swipe of CO Bigelow Cinnamint Mentha lip shine and done.