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Been playing about with this lovely shadow since Mac first brought out Barbie on the 1st of March in the UK, and last night I came up with something really special that I thought you ladies might be interested trying out....

- Untitled paint over whole eye area as base

- Bitz 'n Glitz fluidline to socketline (Macroviolet, a brown or grey fluidline would work too) and undereye

- Moth Brown packed over fluidline to socketline - the dark base coat gives the MB an added intensity - blend intensively round the edges to soften the hard edges of the fluidline

- Moth Brown in waterline and under eye, blended softly (you could add kohl too, probably a plummy colour or a soft brown would be best)... I also used a bit of Bitz 'n Glitz in my waterline, but I've been told that this particular fluildline is not safe for undereye use???? Does anyone here know if that's true?

- Seedy Pearl worked along the border of Moth Brown, into inner eye corner, up towards brow..... Seedy Pearl looks AMAZING with MB as they both have similar lavendar-ish irridescence - again, LOTS of blending required

- a bit of Crystal Avalanche (or other shimmery white) blended into the Seedy Pearl as a highlight colour under the brow and in the inner eye corner

- if desired, heavily blend a little bit of a darker colour into the outer "V" just to define the crease a bit amidst all the smokiness - I used Nocturnelle, but any other dark purple, grey, or soft black would work - I'm going to try it with Carbon or Beauty Marked next time.

This eye is really smoky and soft, with an unusual greyish-lavendar irridescence to it, so I found I didn't really need eyeliner - just finished off with lots of zoomlash black mascara.

Plum Foolery blush works well with the colours in this eye, and a dusting of lightscapade over the apples of the cheek and round the eye area adds further brightness and irridescence.

I just used a slick of clear lipgloss with this look as I have quite highly pigmented lips and wanted to keep things soft and slightly "undone" looking, with all the focus on the shimmery smoky eye makeup.

I'll possibly demo this with pics at a later date, but thought all you ladies looking for suggestions of looks to try with your Moth Brown might find this of interest....

Thanks, Sho


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Great detail!! Sounds beautiful!

I reworked a look from last nights karaoke for today,.. a little brighter than I have been using lately,. hopefully the sun will come out today and make it worth my while.

NW20 Concealer
Medium MSF
Tahitian Sand BP

Stereo Rose MSF

Frostlite as base
Electric Coral applied wet as a wash
Pink Bronze to blend out line above crease
Orange e/s in outer crease
Passionant buffed on outer lid
ORRA baby blue in inner crease
ORRA Cerulean inner crease (just a touch)
Nylon on the browbone
Blacktrack winged out top liner
Blue peep bottom liner
MK mascara in black

Dior Show Gloss in Carla Corail

Very bright and tropical today,.. hoping that my mu will encourage this weather to warm up!


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No time for pictures today but I <3 the look so here we go...

Bare Canvas
Trax on lid
Falling Star packed on outer 1/2 of lid diagonally \ / like that
Nocturnelle in crease
Beauty Marked outter V and slightly into crease
Shroom to highlight

Fab Blush
and my lips are naked today... just clear lip conditioner


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I love vanilla! It's my fave pigment. I use it as a highlight above blush around eyes often for that iridescent glow

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