pigment acid rain???


has anyone heard of a pigment called acid rain? if so, when did it come out? what color is it? I have never heard of it, but saw an ad on ebay, but of course no pic? i emailed seller and asked ?'s but who knows if she will answer me or not? anyway i thought someone here would know if this is a real color or not? maybe she meant acid orange and got confused? anyway thanks for the help ladies, i appreciate it. Barbiebelt


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The only Acid Rain I know of is from UD, I think. Acid Orange is probably the color- they probably got confused..... or they made it up to sell a fake


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Hey honey!
This probably needs to go in the counterfit forum-just a heads up for future stuff!

And there is no such pigment as Acid Rain. As mentioned above Acid Rain is a UD eyeshadow. Without the pic or the description I would be very weary of the seller!

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