Pigment Sample Price Breakdown??


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I'm swapping with someone and it would be so helpful if someone knew what 1/2 teaspoon of pigment breaks down to in dollars. Thanks!!


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I think she's asking how much 1/2 tsp. is worth so she can figure if her swap is equal in value!


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It would depend on the color as well. I'd say any regular pigment would be between $5-6 for 1/2 tsp. If it's hard to find or LE, then more.


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yes i agree with MACATTAK. The pigment is more expenisive if it's a discontinued or LE pigment.


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Well just checking out the sale thread, going to my girl Cheryl's thread--she sells about 1/2 tsp samples for about 4. I think it'd be safe to say 1/2=$4-5. But if they are really hard to find rare ones the price would of course be a bit higher.

EDIT: Sorry I didn't mean to keep writing, other ppl posted before I hit "Submit". The ones above are good to go by I'd say.


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Don't forget also that it depends if it is a matte, metal or non-matte pigment.
There is a lot less in a pigment jar of a matte or metal pigment, so the quantity is worth more.
So, limited and rare + texture of the pigment will make the value of 1/2 tsp vary and go up.
Minmium: $4 to a lot more for All-girl for example.
Hope this helps!