Pigments Period


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Hey guys...

Here is one for all of you who just adore pigments.

I have yet to fully appreciate the pigments. I have 2, deckchair and melon.

Here is my question: What is so great about pigments? Have I just not found the right colors yet? What does everyone use them for. Part of me feels like these are just super glittery eyeshadows that are loose. Any suggestions as to new ways to use them. Colors I should try? I think I would love them if I only knew the best ways to wear them.



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i use them as highlighters, blushes, eyeshadows, and lip colours. my favourites are vanilla and goldenaire...they're so versatile and pretty!


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i'd say buy a few samples of some different colors, and play around with them. while i love deckchair and melon, they're not very diverse, and in order to truly appreciate pigments, i think its better to have at least a few other colors to work with. some of the blues and greens are gorgeous and vibrant on the eyes, vanilla and lily white are gorgeous highlight colors, and some of the darker ones are great as liner. plus, with samples, you get a bunch of tiny amouns to practice with, until you figure out what ones you actually want full size jars of. they can take some practice to get used to working with, but i think pigments are amazing once you get the hang of them. they go on so smooth, they never crease, the colors are amazing, you can mix them with mixing mediums, you can use them everywhere...i could go on for awhile..

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