Pigments/Shadow over CCB (cream colour base)


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This is not a tutorial with pics. But thought I'd share a technique I find so useful, especially with pigments. I always put a bit of concealer on the lid to even out the lid. I then use cream colour base and then my pigments over it. They "grab" a lot better! Try Blue Brown Pigment over Black cream colour base. Club e/s looks really good over "Slick" CCB. Slick CCB is also good with a lot of green shadows/pigments. I do love shadesticks but CCB pulls on the lid a lot less. I use my 224 brush to apply the CCB. Hoping Santa will bring me a GOOD digital camera for Christmas. I can't wait to post some tuts. There are some really talented people here! Ashleyv85 is my favorite! I always look forward to her tutorials. I'm pretty new to the site so sorry if I posted this in the wrong place. I really hope this is useful to someone.


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I love doing this but I use paints, ccbs, and then I use the pigment. Paints keep everything in place and prevents creasing while the ccb makes the color even more vibrant!


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Can't wait till you get to post the pictures of your tutorials here!

I love using CCB in LUNA. Now I'm starting to think about trying colored CCBs as well. Thanks!


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that's a wonderful tip! thanks for sharing!!

EDIT: have you used other primers such as UDPP? if so, how does it compare to CCB?