Ok, yes I am probably the only person on this site who has never owned a mac product, but I am only 14, I don't rake in any kind of cash, but I want to try-out before I buy the full product.

On e-bay I see a lot of sample sized pigments, can they REALLY be used as eyeshadows? I don't want somethings that's going to fall off my lids and go onto my eyelashes or cheeks.

Well the sample pigments are cheap enough to buy for now, but around christmas I want to buy some eyeshadows.

I mainly like nuetral colors, but I like pinks, or purples since I heard they work good with brown eyes.

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There are a whole bunch of sales in the For Sale/Swap forum. I think there is a minimum amount of posts you need to view it, but there are lots of great deals there. You can also try the macsaleswap community in live journal.

Pigments are great as eye shadows, but be sure to use an eye safe batch. You can look at the precaution list (can someone link her? I can't find the link w/the new forum software) to make sure.


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Pigments make excellent eyeshadows but they are tricky to use for someone who is new to makeup. So eyesafe ones are a must! I am not sure how much money you will save on ebay because a lot of those sellers charge a fortune for shipping. But there are lots of threads here that recommend some good starter items for people who are just getting into MAC and want to make the most out of their money!


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Here's the link for the pigments precaution list http://www.precautions.specktra.net/

Like the other posters said though, people on ebay really tend to overcharge for shipping on the pigments. Once you have access to the clearance bin, you will be able to swap with other members. Hope that helps.


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I wrote this for just this type of question. You might find it useful



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I definately suggest reading Mac_Obsession's FAQ on pigment uses. I also suggest reading the more general pigment FAQ, also found in the FAQ forum.


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Ebay is not a bad place to find a lot of pigments to sample. You should try looking for a large lot of the pigments. The shipping for a large lot is pretty comparable to one or two samples because they can all ship at once.


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If you have other friends that are into MAC, perhaps considering sharing a jar. You could buy some sample jars to divvy it up between you guys.

I would stick with regular formula pigments for the least amount of fall out. I find that the fine and chunky formulas don't stick as well. Wearing a base underneath definately helps the eyeshadow stick (try shadesticks if you can afford them.. or just any type of cream shadow). And really now.. pigments are no different than eyeshadows when they are on your brush.

Tan pigment is a favourite and standby of mine. Kitchmas is quite popular. With brown eyes greens and teals work especially well. Try golden olive.


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violet is a great purple pigment for starters, pink pearl, fuchsia, pink opal, cornflower, all girl, kitschmas, deep purple would all be really good to start with for you. They are like the staples to pink/purple lovers
(When you get better at using em there are a lot more options like cool pink, grape, rich purple, burnt burgundy etc)