Pin-up FOTD


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Make-up collabo #2 w/ (blkayznempress). This week is Pin-up
Enjoy, and stay tuned for our looks every Monday

Oracle1 look
Vanilla e/s
Brun e/s
Carbon e/s
Expresso e/s
Gray contacts
loreal Liqiid liner in black
Ardell Lashes
NC45 Studio Stick
Dark Blot Powder
Mystery e/s for brows
Fresh Brew l/s
Wildly Lush l/g
Jordana Touch of Pink blush

blkayznempress look
Bisque e/s
Next to Nothing e/s
Tempting e/s
Dark Edge e/s
Loreal Liquid Liner Intense in black
ardell lashes
Face: Studio Fix in NC42, Pinch Me blush
i used white eyeliner to define my brows and black and red liners for my lips with clear gloss


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The pictures are a little too big for my screen but I LOVE the looks!!! Wow... the one by blkayznempress, I'm very impressed by the eyes!!!



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Whoa this looks like the real thing! Seriously doesn't look like youre pretending to be pin ups at all. I would love love love a tutorial. Also at the risk of sounding stalker-ish: May I please have a pic of your eyebrows? That's the shape im going for but I have a hard time explaining it to the lady at the spa

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