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Pink Smoke (Requested) 1st Tut


New member
Hi every one, I recently posted my first FOTD and I got a lot of positive feedback. A few ladies that viewed my FOTD asked for a tut, so here it is. If it is not perfect, sorry this is my first tut.
Thanks for looking everyone. I hope this post is helpful to you guys.

What I Used:
In this Order
NC45 Studio Finish Concealer (MAC)
Expresso E/S (MAC)
Silver E/S (Ben Nye)
Starry Night E/S (Ben Nye)
Azalea E/S (Ben Nye)
Hey E/S (MAC)
Line Exact Liquid Liner-- Black (Cover Cirl)
Technikohl Liner-- Graphblack (MAC)
Ice E/S (Ben Eye)
Eye Magnifier Mascara (Rimmel)​

Fashion Frenzy Powder Blush (MAC)
Sun Kisse Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder (E.L.F.)​

Untitled L/S Merel Norman
Totally It L/G (MAC)​

Start with a clean face.

With an eyebrow brush apply concealer the bottom of the brow. (NC45 Studio Finish Concealer)

Blend concealer down. It should look like this.

Fill in eyebrows with brow brush. (Expresso-- MAC)

Using a concealer brush apply concealer to the entire lid.

Blend Blend Blend, and this is what it should look like. (I used my finger to blend)

Now apply Ben Nye e/s in Silver to the lid up to the crease. (I used a smudge brush from Target)

Once Finished appling Silve e/s it should look like this.

Now Apply Ben Nye e/s in Starry Night to outer lid and crease. (I used an E.L.F. e/s brush) Should look liek this.

I forgot to put Ben Ney e/s in Azalea. So now I am going to add it using the E.L.F. e/s brush the middle of my eyelid. Should look like so.

Blend Blend Blend. I used the MAC blending brush. Sorry I dont know what the number is.

Here is what it should look like once blended.

Now using a small eyeshadow brush apply Hey e/s from MAC fafi quad1 to brow bone. When done it should look like this.

Apply liquid eyeliner and mascara and false lashes. I also applied Ben Nye e/s in Ice to tearduct.

Apply the rest of your make up and voala.

Again Thanks For Looking


New member
I luv the color combo...Dangit, how can I get my liner to look that fierce?!?!

Love, luv, love the lashes!!!!!!!


New member
Again thanks everyone for the positive feed back. I am very happy and pleased that you like what i have done. Also that is the easiest hairstyle for me. I always get a lot of compliments when i hair like that. Thanks IheartangE


New member
Wow!! This is the exact look I've been looking for to go with my pink and grey stripped shirt! Thank you for making this tut!!