Plane crash in to New York river..


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I think this was such a tragic accident, but I am so glad everyone seems to of survived.

Its so difficult to land in water without hurting people and without turning the plane over, I am glad we have such well trained pilots in our world.

Heres the story

A US Airways Airbus A320 passenger plane carrying at least 150 people has crashed into the Hudson River in New York City.
The plane, which the FAA said was flight 1549 from LaGuardia Airport to Charlotte, is partially submerged.
Rescue boats at the scene have been picking up passengers standing on the plane's wings and officials said it seemed that everyone aboard survived.
Bird strikes disabled two of the plane's engines, officials said.
"There is no indication that the incident is security-related," a homeland security official told the BBC.
Three minutes
A passenger who escaped from the aircraft told CNN: "A couple of minutes after taking off we heard a loud bang, the plane shook a bit and immediately we could smell smoke and fire."
Fox News also quoted passengers as saying that everyone from the plane had escaped alive.
A spokeswoman for the US Federal Aviation Authority, Laura Brown, said it was believed the plane had been in the air for three minutes after take-off when it crashed.
A man who witnessed the crash told ABC that the pilots' efforts had helped ensure a relatively soft landing on the water.
"From my window I saw the plane was coming down below the radar zone," he said.
"I thought it might be a terrorist attack or something but the plane looked like it had difficulty trying to... gain altitude but as it got closer to the water I saw the pilot, he made a last-ditch effort to try to gain altitude.
"And he did that for a few seconds and then the plane just came down and plopped on the water. Had he not done that he would have damaged the fuselage.""

Ref: BBC News
BBC NEWS | World | Americas | Plane crashes in New York river


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I remember when my dad told me about this because I dont watch the news too much these days (just so much violence and depressing things going on) and I was so shocked. But I'm def glad that everyone made it out ok and survived.


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I watched this on CNN last week. I'd say it was more a miracle than a tragedy: everyone survived. Sure, the plane might be smashed up and those passengers may have a phobia of flying, but considering the alternative I think this is the best outcome anyone could ask for.

Those ferry operators deserve serious recognition for taking the initiative to respond as they did. They helped save a lot of lives; the Hudson is harsh and is extraordinarily tough to swim in the best of conditions, never mind on a cold January day. And the actions of that pilot was an Epic Win.

Things like this restore my faith in humanity.


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Yeah the actions of those courageous people make me still believe that theres still alot of good people out there despite the chaotic times were living in.